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Grigorii Ivanovich Shishkin

Last name:Shishkin
First name:Grigorii
Date of Birth:January 28, 1939
Place of Birth:Petrodvorets, Leningrad region
Wife: Lidia Pavlovna Shishkina
(my co-author in a series of investigations)
Education:Higher, Leningrad Technological Institute (1961), Ural State University (1967)
Speciality:inorganic chemist, mathematician
Professional Affiliation and Address: Department of Mathematical Physics Equations, Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
16 S.Kovalevskaya street,
620219 Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA
Professional Title/Position: Professor / Head Research Scientist
Highest Degree: Ph.D (Doctor of Physics and Mathematics)
Year Awarded: 1991
Field of Science:Computational Mathematics
Scientific Interests: numerical methods for solving boundary value problems of mathematical physics, singularly perturbed differential equations, small parameters, boundary and interior layers, finite difference schemes, parameter-uniform convergence, error bounds, defect correction, decomposition methods
Phone: +07(3432) 75-82-99
Fax:+07 (3432) 74-25-81
Family Photo: Grisha and Lida

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